installing SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2 2280 1TB and 2TB question.?

Question and hope this help.i'm keeping my 8TB internal hdd for storage and i got 2 disk drives installed.all 3 plugged in Sata3 0.2 and 5.if i install SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2 2280 1TB and 2TB in my rig.will that affect my pc performance because of shared bandwidth?


mobo i got is GigaByte Aorus Pro.

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    You'd have to look up the Motherboard user manual to see which M.2 slots are using PCI-E lanes from the CPU and which ones are using PCI-E lanes from the chipset.

    The z390 chipset has x24 PCI-E 3.0 lanes. A Samsung 970 NVMe drive only uses x4 lanes, so I think you'll be fine because with two NVMe drives that would put you at x8 lanes. The Graphics card will use the x16 lanes from the CPU. The drives really aren't sharing bandwidth.

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  • keerok
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    There shouldn't be any problem. The computer will figure everything out. Of course expect slower transfer times when moving files from one drive to the other but overall, it's still a fast system. 

  • 2 months ago

    depends on your motherboard.  which you didn't tell us about.  suggest you read documentation for your mobo

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    2 months ago

    Just connecting them won't effect your pc performance.  However if you copying a bunch of files on 2 of the drives and then use another, the overall performance could be effected because of shared bandwidth.

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