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Is Yoel Cohen the Antichrist?

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    No, the Antichrist is a descendant of King David, from the line of David, from the tribe of Judah. Yoel Cohen is descendant of Aaron, from the tribe of Levy. And Christians are not enemies of Jews 😂. From Where do people create these things?! 😳. And if people mention persecution, many other groups persecuted the Jews from many other religions. Christians who persecute Jews are not Christians. For the name means follower of Christ that means Messiah in Greek, who is a Jew. Jesus never killed anyone, He was killed. Many Jews followed Jesus including the Apostles , Zaqueu and many others. Hitler in the point of view of a Christian was a follower of the devil, not of Christ, so he can not be called Christian. Jews who say that dont even know what they are saying. And they never read in the Christians Book of Revelation/Apocalipse how God will protect the Jewish people in the ending days to bring light to the World, chapter 7. The Christian Bible tells the Devil hates Jews for the Jews are the nation of the Messiah, Revelation chapter 12. Israel is the mother nation of the Messiah. Romans 11, all Israel will be saved. When gentiles act with anti-semitism you blame. But you dont see that many of you act very Anti-Christian (Anti means agaisnt). If you want respect, respect others first. So please dont make the World worse than it is spreading prejudice. LV 19:18 Luke 10 And Inquisitors are not example for Christianity either as many Priests of the time of Jeremiah were not example for Jews either. "Huguenotes" 

  • who's that guy ?

    Stop Iran, Stop Saudi Arabia, Stop Israel, Stop WW3

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    As a religious person myself, I do believe that we Jewish people are enemies to all Christianity' their believes and fairy tales. Should Jesus appear again we shall terminate him immediately once again.

    Therefore Mr Yoel should be proud to be antichristical.

  • 2 months ago

    No he is just an idiot

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    Please stop asking questions about yourself.

    Are you sick ??

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