"How do I fix a forced refresh error in the Chrome browser?"?

"How do I fix a forced refresh error in the Chrome browser?"

1 Answer

  • 3 months ago

    The first thing that you want to do is go into your Chrome browser where your add-on plugins are and uninstall all of those things which make a total mess out of your Google Chrome browser. give it a few minutes to synchronize or click the synchronize button so that when you sign back in to Google Chrome it doesn't reinstall all the garbage clean your browser all the way back to the beginning of time like it says then resynchronize after you have done this uninstall Google Chrome all together restart your computer then open up control panel find where it says folder options find where it says view and then click where it says show hidden folders. Now go through the c drive look for program files program data delete all Google Chrome folders. If you can't delete one for some reason you'll have to boot up with Linux and delete all the Google Chrome folders if you can't delete a folder that's because there's a virus running. anyway once you get all the Google Chrome folders gone out of all three of the program files program data and program data to restart your computer. Now reinstall Google Chrome & back into it. End of problem

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