I'm looking for a specific kind of knife?

I don't know if this is pure Hollywood but in the movie "the punisher" the protagonist gets into an altercation and as a last resort pulls out an assisted knife the only thing is that the blade itself shoots out the handle thus creating a projectile that kills the opponent, my question is does this exist and where can I buy one? looks cool

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  • 4 months ago

    The basic design is called an OTF for 'Out The Front' and is usually an automatic knife.  They come in two versions - auto out, manual retract and the more expensive dual action auto out, auto back.  You can buy them at www.bladehq.com.

    As for flying out and killing the opponent - there was such a knife issued élite German troops in WW2.  Basically an OTF knife with the catches removed so the blade flies out. To my knowledge they exist - are considered illegal in many states - and I have no idea how you would go about getting one legally.

    Reality check - you can get the OTF.  They are legal in many states.  

    As a matter of practical fighting - knife throwing - or a knife where you fire off the blade...…...if you are down to just holding a knife as a weapon - why throw it away? 

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