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How can I recover my PC? Please help :-(?

So... I have an old laptop, an Acer Aspire ES15 series that I was hoping to sell, so I wanted to reset it to erase all my personal data. I have reset many computers before with no problems, but this one, which is on Windows 10 kept getting 3% through the process and coming up with an error. I researched and tried everything I could find to make it reset, but it just couldn't do it. In the end, I created a recovery drive on a USB, which it said was completed successfully. I then set about recovering the PC from this drive, but everytime it gets to a certain percentage and then just stops. Now if I switch on the computer without the USB it just tells be there is no bootable drive. Again I have researched and tried fixes for this, but nothing helps. I think my only option is to by Windows 10 on a disk and reinstall it, but how do I know which version of Windows 10 I need, seeing as I can't log on and therefore can't see what I was running before? Any suggestions? 

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    Go use somebody else's computer and create for yourself Windows 10 media installation tool which will burn you a Windows 10 installer to a USB drive 

    if Windows 10 was previously installed on the computer it will probably select the correct version all by itself when you go to reinstall boot to the USB drive click install click custom. Now see all those partitions delete all of them. Now click the word new and it will create new partitions then click install. If you have to have a license key to activate it you can use the Windows 7 license key that matches whatever you happen to install.After you delete the partitions and create the new one it should install all the way to the end without problems. watch the computer and when it says it's restarting for the first time pull the USB installer out of the computer before it has a chance to restart. That should cure the problem I do it everyday

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    Forget reset, recover or reinstall. You're main concern is to make sure your data can't be accessed by the new owner. Search for "disk wipe" software. Sell the computer with an empty hard drive. The price may go lower but at least you have peace of mind.

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