Need help with a uk covid cAravan problem. ?

What do I do? I was living at my grans caravan and was given 40 minutes from just waking up to pack up and leave (found out later I was meant be given 24hrs) so since Wednesday I’ve been trying to contact her about grabbing my essential items like the heater all my warm clothes as I didn’t bring any! I’m living in a glorified shed in my mums garden as I had nowhere else to go!! So need all of those items. She sent me this today (The Parks are closed by Government decree , this mandatory closure applies to one & all without exceptions.) all I’m asking and have asked is if she could open the gates for 20 minutes for me to grab my property! She doesn’t have to be there and I will go masked and gloved up And then when I leave I will give her a text and she can lock back up even the side gate. What should I do? I contacted the police and there’s nothing they can do but did say that I should be able to go and get my stuff as long as I follow social distancing but there is nothing they can do for me. Me and my cat are going to freeze out here and the only reason I can’t go into the house is my baby sister recently had a baby and took my old room and the box room is the nursery!  I’m not asking a lot or putting the caravan owner in any danger just asking for my own belongings back. Please advise!

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  • Tavy
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    2 months ago
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    Your mother should be sorting this out. Sounds as if there was a problem between you and your gran. As for living in the shed and freezing, it's not freezing in the UK and why can't you sleep on mums sofa.?

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