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What's the easiest way to take care of your health without stressing and upsetting yourself?

Hello, I am a 46 year old woman.

I've never been the best at looking after myself. I absolutely love my takeaways (more than twice a week and its pizzas/kebabs/burgers junk etc). I gave up smoking recently since doing it in my teens as all my friends did it. I don't really eat much other than the food, i might have some wheatabix in the morning and maybe some crisps thats it. Anyway im proud i gave up smoking, its week 3.

I have been having some bad chest pain so a special appointment could be made at my doctors. I have been told I have high cholestorol and high blood pressure 155/85. Luckily, i don't have diabetes. First checkup in 20 or so years as I don't really like going to the doctors. I had an ECG as my heart rate was a little high as well, told me everything is okay with my heart as my bloodwork was done to look into it. So told to eat healthy, exercise more because i dont get enough and reduce stress.

Anyway, I am finding this really hard. I come back after a walk feeling sick and stressed because i don't want to do it. I just feel I am living to take care of my health issues and it's making me feel miserable and I don't know what to do.

Any advice?

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    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I think the first thing i'd do is give up the take-aways and foods with sugar and grains.  Eat whole, healthy foods (meat, eggs, fish, colorful vegetables, NATURAL fats no hydrogenated oils).  Count carbs.  Try the Ketogenic way of eating.  It's not just for weight loss.  Lots of information online about the health benefits. 

    Get on some blood pressure medication if your doctor suggests that.  I'd do TOTAL RESEARCH on statins if your doctor recommends them for high cholesterol.  Why?  Because, they aren't that safe for most people . Your body, your life, your choice.  But i think we all need to educate ourselves. 

    There are a lot of videos about cholesterol on YouTube.  Maybe check some of those out.  

    Most of us can make time to cook a simple meal - a meat and a vegetable.  Don't worry about eggs -- they are the perfect food.  Lots of doctors will tell you to go on some weird high blood pressure diet, but they include sugars and grains.  Bad idea.  Doctors these days just listen to the old fashioned way.  

    Maybe start with this video but there are gobs more

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