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Why men have no say in abortion?

Truthfully, from an empirical perspective men should have more of a say in it. The only argument I have seen here is the the overused phrase: ,,my body, my choice''. Imagine demanding to drink and drive because it's your car and your choice, it's an emotionally formed statement. If we put things in simplistic terms, females are the fields, men are the seeds, crops [children] are the result. Females play an important role in procreation; however, they are merely hosts for life to grow, they do not own the life within. When has the soil in the field decided which crops are grown within it?

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    The time to have your say would be when you're forging the kind of trusting relationship that gives you more input into what you'd both do to cope with an unwanted pregnancy. Of course when you just randomly throw your seed around some of it will fall into the hands of people uninterested in bearing your child. 

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    As every farmer knows, many seeds are spent in an attempt to get a crop. You don't plant one seed and require it to grow to fruition! I disagree entirely with your simplistic terms but the reason that child support laws were ever passed in the first place is because since traceable history, men have been known to disavow, deny, ignore and desert their children leaving women and children to live in dire poverty on the streets throughout our planet. Since women are left to hold responsibility for children they may, or may not, have willingly conceived, it's a very good idea to allow them the say of whether or not they'll give birth. 

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    The day a man is actually carrying a fetus for 9 month, then he can have a say. 

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