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I might be obsessed?

She said she wasn't feeling any romantic feelings after a date but I kept hanging out with her being friendly trying to spark something now my feelings got stronger. I don't think anything is changing. Alot of the time im worried shes talking to someone else that I don't know about and doing things with him especially when she says she has plans but doesn't tell me what. I don't expect her to though. Ive been feeling depressed for about 2 months off and on but its gotten worse ive been feeling like this for a couple days now. The other night doesn't help because I was drunk and I think I messed up and made her mad by accident and just made myself look bad to her but I literally don't want to do anything but watch tv when I can actually pay attention to it. I haven't been eating very much partly because I don't feel like it. Shes on my mind literally as soon as I wake up and until I go to bed. I know none of this is healthy but I cant help it. Im so close just to telling her how I exactly feel about her but I honestly don't think thats going to change anything and then i know we wont talk anymore but I know shes going to find someone else during the summer and then Im going to be devastated. I feel like she hasnt really seen the real me either because im always nervous around her somewhat and cautious about what I say and it makes me look boring. I just feel like complete **** and dont know if I should keep trying. Do I sound obsessed?

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    Why does it matter what she does in her free time? She is grown, and she made it clear that she doesn't like you like that take a hint. If you can even guess that you are obsessed, you are. Leave her alone, you creep

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    You sound a little obsessed with her but you also kind of sound like you're falling in love with her and i know it's not gonna be easy for you to stay away but it might be better for you so that you don't get even more attached. I think you also need a therapist getting advice or even just venting to someone with a professional standpoint can help because they know how to help handle things in ways that normal people don't because that's the field they're trained in. I think that once you get past this or some of it starts to die down a little bit then it will be better for you to do the things you've always wanted to do. Do things that make you happy and focus on you because unless you have kids what matters the most at the end of the day is you. Don't lose yourself in the process of trying to hold onto her and if she comes around then she does if not that's her loss and you'll find someone one day who does wanna be with you and that you don't have to worry about not having enough time to show her your true self. I hope that helps and i hope you find a good therapist and a healthy way to deal with it. Good luck.

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    Honestly, you sound like you need to find a therapist. Your lifestyle seems to be unhealthy and it sounds like that is having a large negative impact on your relationship. Your priorities right now should be getting healthy mentally first and everything else second. This includes your relationship, as you might just be clutching onto it because you feel like everything else going wrong. 

    You cannot build a healthy relationship when you are not healthy yourself.

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