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How do I stop being so awkward when talking to girls?

I’ve always had this issue for as far back as I can remember, but recently it creeped its ugly head when I started this new summer job. A couple days in I noticed this beautiful girl. Man I’m telling you, she is gorgeous. Anyways, im usually a very confident fellow with my friends and even other guys but when it comes to women, oh boy... it took me almost 3 whole weeks to finally rack the courage up to go and talk to her. Normally this would be a good thing, especially for me. But man was I super awkward! I asked stupid and boring/bland questions, I’m pretty sure she was not at all interested. Which really bothers me because I feel like if I was more confident she might’ve been interest in me. But I just feel like due to my low confidence and awkwardness, I missed out on such a beautiful girl :(

PS - she did tell me she was a D1 athlete so I probably didn’t have a chance to begin with lol but still 

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  • Bandz
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    5 months ago

    You’re on the right track, confidence is key; the main thing is not to be obsessed with any particular outcome. It frees you up when your “emotional well-being” isn’t dependent on things going well.

    I’ll also add, do you really think a girl wouldn’t date someone because she was an athlete and he wasn’t? You can literally get any girl including those that might be considered low-level celebrities if you were attractive enough to them.

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