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Songs similar to Duffy's "Mercy"?

I’m looking for songs that have a similar vibe as "Mercy".

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    Martina Topley-Bird-  I Wanna Be There (or) Razor Tongue

    Jess Klein- Travellin' Woman

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    Mercy Reminds me of the sixties. Martha and the Vandellas for instance. They have SO many really cool songs much like Mercy.

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    Others to listen to

    "Jimmy Mack"

    "Quick Sand"

    CERTAINLY should check out Laura Nyro. It was her who wrote most of the songs for that ENTIRE generation. For Instance the song "Eli's Coming" that Three Dog Night used. She wrote them, her songs made others famous. At one time most ALL the songs on the radio were written by Laura Nyro, and few even knew that. I honestly STILL get a tear in my eye when I think of her.      : (

    She died SO young.

    (Laura Nyro songs added in comments)

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    She reminds me of Amy Winehouse in that song, so I recommend checking out her songs.

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