I got denied unemployment benefits because "i did not earn enough money" What should i do from now?

I hadn't even thought about applying for unemployment benefits since i quit my job(because of school), until now because a friend applied and i find it really disturbing that he, who doesn't have kids and doesn't go to school, is receiving way more money from pretty much doing nothing, than me, and i used to bust my *** to get enough to pay for my school. But now that i've applied, i got denied... and it has been really hard trying to find a job that works with my school schedule... and no, i don't apply for financial aid because of how much money my parents make. They have offered to help but i do not want any help from them... because back when they did help me out.. they used to bring it up all the time and pretty much stay on my *** 24/7, hence the reason i got a job in the first place. (and im sure that any teen can relate to this)...

I'm just trying to understand this "unemployment benefits" better and if anyone could help, that would be very much appreciated!

PS: since the quarantine started i've become very artistic and i want to start selling paints(canvases) so feel free to leave a comment or msg me  on instagram: @bk2.denz

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Funny, you should have been denied because you left your job voluntarily and that's not the situation UI was meant for. We all want lots of stuff we're not entitled to and it's no one's fault but your own that you've got kid at a time in life when you haven't yet finished your education. Perhaps an attitude adjustment and an acceptance of your own culpability would be in order. 

    • Denzel1 month agoReport

      Wow... first of all i never said  i have kids.... i just said that i quit work bc of school, chill... and btw before u start another rant..... im 18 and already a sophomore in college... just saying... 

      i was just wondering why my friend got the benefits and i didnt

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  • 1 month ago

    "Unemployment benefits" are for workers who lose their jobs and could work if there were jobs.  They are not for workers for voluntarily quit or who can't work because of their school schedules.

    Your options are:

    a) Quit school, get a job, save up enough money so that you can go back to school without needing help or aid or benefits from anyone.

    b) Accept help from your parents so you can stay in school

    c) Quit school, get a job, wait for your parents to retire so that they aren't making anything and you can get financial aid

    d) Stay in school, with no money, no aid, no benefits, no help, and probably be homeless.

    e) Quit school, get a job, wait until you have been independent long enough so that your parents' income no longer affects your eligibility for financial aid.

    • Denzel1 month agoReport

      damn dude... u good? 

      and why can the other ppl work no more? Bc of personal problems... in my case: school

      and who has this mentality... you're saying you'd rather earn minimum wage instead of going to school?

      good luck BRO

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  • martin
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    1 month ago

    Apply again online and this time make it clear that you lost your job due to Covid-19.

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    • Denzel1 month agoReport

      and the thing is that i quit because my work schedule was interfering with my school schedule.... and i almost failed a class bc of it.... 

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