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Is there anyone who’s criticism of Trump you would conceivably take seriously?

I do ask this with sincerity. From a non-Trump supporter point of view, it seems that regardless of who you are, even if you were once very respected and admired by people on the right, the moment you criticize Trump you are now considered damaged goods. Your reputation is tarnished and rewritten so that you were (and always have been) bad, dumb, etc.


Hypothetically, is there anyone who could speak critically of Trump and you would listen? Anyone who could criticize him and you wouldn’t assume they were acting in bad faith?


Pennybags - Have you ever come across someone who made a legitimate criticism of Trump based on facts and logic?

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    It is hard not to take any criticism of Trump seriously now. 

    • Uncle Pennybags
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      It's hard to take it seriously.  99% of it is BS.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Drumpf is a lying cowardly stupid dotard. And you KNOW IT!

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    John McCain was widely respected on both sides of the aisle. He was a combat veteran, a POW, and a Senator. He ran against Obama in 2008 with the overwhelming support of American conservatives. Then in 2017 he dared to criticize Trump. That's all it took for conservatives to instantly turn on McCain. Overnight he was branded as a liar and a traitor.


    James Mattis is a Four-Star General, a lifelong Republican, and Trump's former Secretary of Defense. A few days ago Mattis criticized Trump's use of force against civilians and called him a "threat to the Constitution." Within hours conservatives all across America were condemning Mattis and accusing him of being a "never-Trumper," or part of the Deep State.


    Justin Amash suffered a similar fate when he criticized Trump. So did Mitt Romney.


    So to answer your question - no, there is not a person alive who could criticize Trump and still be perceived as a loyal American conservative. That's how profound the indoctrination has become. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Only if it based on verified and corroborated evidence to support it.

    Otherwise, it's just an opinion, and no better than mine.

    Even Mattis lashed out at Trump with wild claims of fascim and whatnot, it was the words of someone who was triggered by Trump.  And it was only his personal emotional opinion of Trump.  That made it no better than, say, mitchell's opinions of Trump on this site.

    Now, when someone complains about his Tweets, I'm ok with that, because they are out there for all to see.  And, yes, sometimes he says stuff that doesn't help his cause, to put it tactfully.  

    But calling him a fascist?  Pfffft, that's just whiny nonsense.

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  • 1 month ago

    It really depends on why they are criticizing Trump. 

    Almost all criticisms I see of Trump are based on style, not actions.  Or are based on BS he had nothing to do with in the first place.

    Find me criticism based on logic and facts about some action Trump actually did, and maybe I'll take it seriously.  But if it's about something Trump said or his style, forget it!

    That's why we Trump-supporters don't put too much stock in Republican never-Trumpers.  Their criticism of him has always been about style, not substance.

    UPDATE:  I can't tell you who, but remember when Trump was pushing the GOP for health care reform?  Trump received legitimate criticism on that from many, including me.  That was just a bad bill.  What Trump should have done is put a White House team together to work with legislators and develop a better healthcare reform bill.  Instead, he just latched on to their crappy bill.

    And before the Coronavirus hit, and our economy was doing fantastic, that's the time you try and cut federal deficits.  Yet Trump didn't lift a finger to do that.  He just went along with increased spending.  That's criticism of Trump from me.

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