What's wrong with my friend?

My best friend of 10+ years changed. It all started when she asked to take my student loan of 2k for something she needed. She promised to give it back to me even though, she owes her mom ten grand or more actually. She then asked if she could live with me in my living room with her dog that shits and barfs on the carpet. I am 20 and She is 21. The thing that really shocked me was when she asked to marry me. She told me that if I married her that she could keep her dog and we would get to have the benefits. I was not going to marry her for the wrong reasons. I think she's got some psychological issues. She has had a personality change. I can't understand how or why. She lies about everything all the time damn time. She only cares for her self. She uses people. She had tried to use me on different occasions for whatever she saw fit. How does this happen? I've wondered if she was on drugs or if her mental health is not okay at all. Why does she feel it's right to treat people like ****? Please help. I told her I will not marry her just so she can keep her dog. It's a crazy solution to a small issue. I want to help her and I don't know how. I told her I am on a friendship break with her. I think I need to cut ties with her for good.


By benefits I meant she wants to get married because she is enlisting in the Army. 

Update 2:

She was going to use me by marrying me so she can keep her dog in a close-by apartment and get out of living in the barracks. 

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