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Is I’m over reacting or is my best friend really jealous of me ?

I have a best friend I trust her and she never really did anything shady. But my best friend brags on how she is the most real female and she never will betray nobody. And she also brags on how she is jealous of nobody and give props when due. But lately she does things to not make me think she’s not that good of a friend. She’s never used to attention every time a elderly nice person  or a hot guy talks to me she sorta butts in and talk to them while cutting me off and gets very loud and wants all the attention on her. One time a lady was talking to me everything I was saying my friend was repeating after every thing I already said it’s quite annoying it’s like she copies me. She hates when I get attention if I do she tries to do everything for I won’t get attention like talking to me loudly for everybody can turn to her. If she gets the attention she then starts bragging saying things to me like omg you seen that hot guy trying to talk to me or omg all the guys our head over heels for me Or she says things like I gotta be pretty if everybody is acting like this over me. I get annoyed because half of the time people rarely pay her attention. Another time she keeps repeating the same old stories of how her ex boyfriend gave her so much love and how she was so lucky. and she is Very delusional  she think every guy likes her or is stalking her A man one time ask her a simple question she takes things like omg he was totally flirting with me when he wasn’t. Help ? 


Everything with her is getting attention she wears things to be seen talk loudly to be seen. But she hates when I get seen she then starts to act like she doesn’t see me getting attention which I don’t care but when she gets it she wants you to know and brags about it and rub it in your face. I’m cool and laid back and get told I’m very beautiful so I get attention by just being myself. She have to dress sexually to get attention And all she says is She’s the baddest and everybody likes her 

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    She sounds like a super lame! Or 12years old.... one of the two ... not sure how old she is?! 

    Coming from someone who was always the “cool kid” or “pretty girl in school” when your naturally liked You don’t have to be extra loud to seek attention it will come naturally! 

    You should seek new friends or just accept her for who she is and I can tell u now this will never change no matter how old she gets and eventually a guy will come around whose going to like you more then her and it’s going to ruin you and hers relationship! Trust me girl!! I guarantee it b****es like this ARE DANGEROUS choose your friends wisely a jealous envious person is a dangerous person ! 

    Source(s): Life experience!!
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