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Was Elliot Rodgers an American hero?

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    "Was Elliot Rodgers an American hero?"

    No.  Elliot Rogers was a madman who killed 3 women and 4 men.  This was "retribution" for the women having rejected him, and the men having a sexually active lifestyle that he envied.

    No normal person turns a criminal lunatic into a hero.  And only hate movements do such a thing.  One example is feminism with it's canonization of Valerie Solanas (Society for cutting up men) after her death where Ti-Grace Atkinson (the then president of NOW) and other prominent mainstream feminists made statements considering Valerie Solanas a hero "the first outstanding champion of women's rights." and "one of the most important spokeswomen of the feminist movement."


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    here's a better question does Elliot Rodgers stormed the beaches or Normandy?

    if it's no then there's your answer.

    Elliot is nothing but a thirsty dude who throws lattes at couples and throws a massive fit by killing random people, because he lives in envy wanting the things that didn't have. 

  • No. He was despicable. He felt just because he had wealth, that any women he personally desired should automatically land on his lap. Also, he allowed mainstream madness get to him. You know with all this sex thrown around, and people being scrutinized for being being virgins deeply affected him. Mr. Rodgers assumed that everyone his age got laid including women who were nerds. 

    Rodgers was a closed minded individual because he had women who was in his shoes.

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    The incel community believe that he was. That's why they call him "Saint Elliot" and constantly praise him. In reality, he was a nut who was bitter because the 10/10 hottest girls didn't want to date him and we clearly need a better mental healthcare service to deal with people like him. 

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