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Is it okay to leave staffies outside?

So we have a 4 month staffy, and sometimes we leave him outside especially when he has diahorrea. Is this okay? Especially since in Australian winters it gets cold, down to like 2 degrees. He has a kennel with a bed and many blankets, and we also put him in clothes and a vest. 

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  • A
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    1 month ago

    a 4 month old puppy should NOT be left outside overnight, if he has bowel issues get him to a vet, it should not be a regular occurance.    

    • E. H. Amos
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      Agreed.  Not healthy or safe for a puppy to have regular or continual bouts of diarrhea.  All dogs belong INSIDE the home esp AT night.  (Any puppy is too easily stolen or abused - at night.)

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