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Why don’t people think losing a pet is a big deal? ?

Okay I’m really struggling right now so this is gonna be filled with a lot of emotions

My dog, George, died suddenly last year from a cancer that took too long to find, it felt like I had lost a brother and I’m still struggling with it even a year later

My dog, Pluto, now died today... He was hit by a car and he was only a year old. He was SUCH a ******* good and smart dog and I am in so much pain

But I just know, if I have a huge breakdown in front of people who don’t know, when I tell them Pluto died they won’t think of it as a big deal

That is so ******* unfair, I’m considering just saying a friend of mine died or some **** because it was a sudden death. Pluto was my baby and I love him so ******* much...


It was a ******* accident, I wasn’t even home, my dad was leaving and he opened the garage door. Pluto got over the fence and was with him, but outside he saw some people who he knew and he got excited. He ran out across the road, my dad was yelling at him to come back but it was too late (Pluto was a big dog, he was very fast) and he was out on the road. He was hit by a car and just like that, he died. How about you stfu? My dog died, my baby died and he was so young.Don’t you have any empathy?

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    Some people don't even mourn terribly much over human losses. Some have had difficulties in their own lives and feel negative toward many things. Others have never had a bond with a pet that shows them the true feelings you might experience. 

    Although I am not sad, I still remember a cat I had as a 5 year-old - 60 years ago! That cat lived until I was 25! The next cat I owned also lived 20 years, so I had her through leaving home for marriage, our first home, the birth of our first child, and then the next two children. She was quite independent.

    Our dog who was a Border Collie was there for me and knew when I was feeling sad. She would be "up in my face" to sympathize, yet she was one of the happiest dogs and loved life and people, in general. Dogs and pets often know things about us that humans don't simply due to the bond shared, and their innate senses, which humans sometimes don't pay attention to.

    I have seen videos of birds swooping down over the road, over a killed mate. These devoted animals know a bond perhaps some humans are either too dense to recognize, or simply have never experienced.

    You can and should recognize these emotions; make a memory album; talk with others who have had pets who love them and bonded with them. 

    I would also suggest you find ways to connect with and develop friendships with others who like animals, and simply love life. Find people who are creative and artistic, or those who simply love things that are beautiful.

    The kind spirits of these animals reflect the beauty in the world. As such, it is part of what makes things nice. But, there are lovely people who love the same things you love. Find places to volunteer and you will find compassionate and caring individuals with which to relate. 

    In these balances, we find closure and ways to express the emotions we are experiencing, as well as ways to help others, which will help us move forward.

    I am sorry you had both these losses, and so close together. Cherish the good you can remember in these dogs, and in life, in general. Find positive people to engage your life with, and you will find increased happiness in this, as well. Reach out to others, to help them.

    Find someone you know will understand your loss, and talk with them.

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    You can mourn your dog however you want and as long as you want. When my dog who I loved sooooo much died, it was horrible. I didn't want to eat. I cried all the time and I was 22! Time is what helps. You will feel less sad as time goes by. I remember him every day but at first it was was harder when people around me didn't see how sad I was or told me to get over it. After that I do not want more dogs. I have a dog who is 11 and I know itl hurt the same or more but I know itl be ok eventually. You will be ok. 

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    Smart Alecs always know best (why was he on the road to be hit!!).  No doubt they are perfect in every way and never have an accident.

    All I can say is I'm so sorry for your loss and it does hurt, especially when it happens suddenly and when they are 'too young'.

    Best I can offer is time should heal but there will always be those whose loss hurts more than others.  With the unexpected, all we can do is learn from mistakes I think.

    Those who have never experienced the bond most people will develop with their pets and the total loss when they go, won't understand and there's nothing you can do to change that.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Why was he out on the road if you ******* loved him so much?

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      I do know there is no such word as 'carefullest'. I assume you were aiming at 'most careful'. Trolls don't have pet dogs.... or did you not think of that?

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