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Can my boyfriend be narcissistic and autistic at the same time?

The attached article gives a view of autism vs. narcissm. My boyfriend exhibits the classic narcisstic traits - lack of empathy, highly emotional and easily angered, discounts my emotions ("it's not always about you" is what he'll tell me), likes to argue, grandiose sense of self, etc. He rarely apologizes but when he does it's kind of like, Oh, I guess I messed up again, type of stuff or he blames it on the autism and he mentions how smart he is but he also frequently mentions how he's autistic, tier 1, and doesn't do well in social interactions (even though he's very loud, talkative, and likes to socialize). He's also obsessed with social media and I think he seeks validations that way. He doesn't have a lot of FB friends and he will block or unfriend someone easily. I think he tries to make me jealous by talking about his exes but if things were so great why did they break up then? He claimed to have long term relationships but when he tells me the stories some of the years don't add up. His current job is good and he's had it for a few years, but most of his jobs lasted only a year or so. I don't know what happened.

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    A narcissist is a reprobate there's no use knowing them because they're not really human more like a psychopath. it's a choice I've made to be a fool for life and there's no way to stop it there's no reason to know them or talk to them ever again the rest of your life.

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