Why do liberals act like these arent valid reasons to vote for Trump ?

1) Liberals basically told me that I should be ok with being jobless and unable to make ends meet so that we can save a few elderly smokers.

A month after wrecking the economy, the break social distancing to go loot and burn down stores by the thousands in the name of “protesting”. Meanwhile getting a haircut is somehow controversial.

2) Criticized Trump for calling it a Chinese virus when China literally tried to COVER IT UP.

3) criticized Trump’s pandemic border restrictions on China

4) Misleads the public by describing Trumps defunding of the WHO as him “defunding the HEALTH organization during a PANDEMIC...omg - he must not care” No- WHO messed up and wanted to play soft ball with.

US and China are main funders for WHO. that literally told the world that “China has this under control”,etc and basically didn’t

want to hurt their feelings. That messed up things for the rest of the world.

3) Now Fauci is saying a prolonged shutdown will be bad and is not the answer. Meanwhile liberals still call me selfish for wanting a job while they loot businesses.

I cant wait to vote for Trump again

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  • 1 month ago

    1. No one basically told you that.  The response to the pandemic has always been one of measuring risk with potential outcomes.  I think Trump could have been a hero to  conservatives and even some liberals if he would have acknowledged the scope of the oncoming pandemic early and began galvanizing the economy to address it.  Instead he chose to cross his fingers and hope it would go away on its own.  That turned out to be a mistake.

    2. Calling it the China virus was just a way to deflect from his own failures.  It's neither here nor there but it does nothing to help America or its citizens it just helps Donald Trump.

    3. Border restrictions with China were criticized because they were weak.  People could still travel from China they just had to go through another country.  And the order didn't apply to Americans who were in China.  It was just for show.  

    4. Same with shifting blame to the WHO.  Donald Trump was himself trumpeting how great Xi was handling the virus in China and what a wonderful and transparent leader he was.  Responsible people were telling him not to trust those reports, but again Trump's primary concern was the stock market.  His hope was that the virus would magically disappear or not affect us.  He gambled and lost simple as that.

    And I'm pretty liberal, and I agree completely with your last point.  I think Trump is right regarding reopening the economy.  I agree that the solution shouldn't be worse than the problem you're trying to solve and I just think it should be done intelligently and we should all be working together.  

    Trump is not the president for that, so I'm afraid that if you're happily voting for Donald Trump to be re-elected, You're happily voting for more misery for yourself.  For your sake I hope more people vote the other way.

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  • 1 month ago

    Because there aren't any.

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