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can you please help with this question?

A basketball player makes a long pass to another player. The path of the ball can be modeled by y = −0.2x² + 2.4x + 2, where x is the horizontal distance from the player and y is the height of the ball above the court, both in meters. Determine the maximum height of the ball.

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    Hi, I'll give it a try.

    Max height will be when dy/dx=0 (i.e. differential)

    So dy/dx= 2*(-0.2)x + 2.4 (the 2 disappears as d/dx of a constant is 0)

    So -0.4x+2.4=0

    get 0.4x=2.4 

    or x=2.4/0.4=6m

    so plug x=6 into equation and see what y is

    ok y=-0.2* (6^2)+2.4 *(6) +2= 9.2m

    This is the same answer that Alex (the first answerer) would've have got.

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    max or min value is f(-b/(2a))

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