Why do insurance quotes always change?

I’m due to get a new car and my current insurance runs out on the 3rd of July and I will get my 2nd no claims discount. 

I’m looking to go with a different provider for my new car (bad experience) but I’m not sure when the best time to change will be. I’ve done research and found that apparently getting a quote early in the morning and 3 weeks in advance is the best time for low prices, anyone know any other tips?

Secondly, i want to pay for my insurance 3 weeks prior to my current insurance running out and have it start on the 3rd of July. 

My current provider won’t give me my proof of no claims until my insurance ends on the 2nd of July. 

If I buy my insurance 3 weeks prior, how long will I get to provide my proof of no claims and when will this time start? Will it start from when I buy the insurance which is 3 weeks before or will it start from when the insurance is valid? 

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  • Neil
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    All insurers know that proof of no claims often isn't issued until the policy ends, so will give you a couple of weeks after the policy starts to provide it.

    Insurers are constantly trying to balance their risk, so their quotes change depending on which of the previous quotes they issued have actually been accepted.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It would probably be easier just to insure the new car with your current insurance company, and change to another insurance company after you have the new car.  Get your discount or no claim disclaimer and then change companies.

    All these dates and three weeks prior sounds foolish, and a lot of unnecessary steps.  

    I've never heard of getting a quote in the morning making any significant difference.  If the price is going up - they'll get it from you eventually anyway.

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  • Peter
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    It sounds as though you are making the process unnecessarily complicated. Get your new car and advise your current insurer of the details and they will provide cover until your current policy expires. You will of course have to paid an additional premium for thatshort period. Then, when your current policy comes up for renewal, tell the inurer you don't wish to renew, then take out a policy with the new provider, which will start on the day your old policy expires.

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  • 1 month ago

    Car insurance quotes always change for many reasons.  Let's list a few...

    1) Online quotes are highly unreliable at best even when they come directly from insurance companies.  And most of them don't come from insurance companies, they come from online companies who are authorized to provide estimates from insurance companies.  Those online companies have disclaimers saying "this is an estimate only" for a reason.

    2) Insurance companies are always doing rate changes every few months.  And by changes, I mean increases.  With the exceptions of heroin and consumer electronics, the price of everything goes up regularly.  It's this new thing called inflation, and insurance companies know all about it.  If you got a quote 2 months ago and that insurance company increased their prices last month, your old quote is invalid.

    3) People make mistakes.  Sometimes the agent / broker makes the mistake (we're human, it happens), sometimes the customer makes the mistake.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say they didn't think that ticket would count, or they didn't think it mattered that they let their licence expire for three years, or that they didn't think that accident was still on their record.  

    There are other possible reasons, but that's the top three.

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