Where can i report someone using fake social?

I been reporting this company for the past year nothing been done! They hire illegals and give them benefits when they deliver a baby... Where can i report them something to be done? I already tried ICE nd making report to the police as they made huge babyshower while we were not even allowed be near each other 6fts they said. This is colorado at CQP in Aurora... 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Hmm ... if the Police and Feds are ignoring you, have you considered the possibility you are incorrectly reporting?  

    • Jojo4 weeks agoReport

      Two girls who are cousin are very clear what status they are and one year ago one of them was asking all of us if we knw of coyote🤦 she just had a baby nd yes she got hold someone cuz her husband here. Im trying do right thing and most of all our citizen needs does jobs! 

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