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What does 'lovely to hear from you' mean here? Is this a message that you would send to friend?

I reached out to a friend recently on social media. They got back, with the following response:

"hi [my name]! lovely to hear from you :) i'm well thank you, hope you are okay too. I'm just spending a lot of time doing my hobbies at the moment to keep me busy, though the 2 big things I really miss are just being able to go into the office for work and to go play sport. Other than that I'm finding it ok. How is it for you?"

What does 'lovely to hear from you' mean here? Is this something you would say to a friend/someone you care about? Please help me interpret this - I have Aspergers and struggle to. How close of a friend would you be to send this?

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    its a pretty normal text he is just nice dont overthink it 

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