how long does probate take in Ireland?

My Father died in August of 2019, we went to our solicitor the following week to get things started. there was a will leaving 4 equal shares and the family home left to my brother. Everything seemed very straight forward. We got the ball rolling at the end of August.

 In Novemeber the solicitor contacted us to let us know he had put through the application for probate, 

in January 2020 he contacted us again to say the paperwork had been sent back but it was no problem he rectified the problem (wording on a document) and had sent it back to them.

 In February the same thing happened and he said he returned the paperwork and that it shouldn't be much longer now. All was fine when we received yet another letter in May to say that due to coronavirus the probate office was closed and that he had only sent on the paperwork but things would be delayed further.

can anyone tell me what the hell is going on?? or how long should a straight forward will take to sort??

 there is no issue with any of the family members regarding the contents of the will.

This whole system seems to be a complete farce and money making quango

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