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How do we restore good work ethics?

Obviously, the work ethic in this country, especially from young people, is not really good. People like my dad, who grew up in the 60s were at an advantage, in that they did not have all the modern conveniences we do now, and thus they were forced to grow up more.

I think all of our modern conveniences have had a bad side-effect, that they have made people more lazy, although used properly, they do have their benefits as well.

By being willing to work hard, you create opportunity for yourself, to have a better life, and to have good things come your way. Frankly I don't believe there's any such thing as luck, but rather I believe that people who end up being good circumstances are the ones who go out and they create them for themselves, and it requires hard work.

So how do we go about restoring the idea of hard work, and the blessings that result from it?

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    It was a different time, with very different problems. The job market was very different, for example; there were many clerical and secretarial jobs (for both men and women) that have now vanished -- the work became obsolete. Most moved to other kinds of jobs.

    The real difference between then and now is NOT the work ethic, but more a matter that jobs tend to become obsolete faster. A career nowadays is effectively about 15 years before one can reach the top. Compare that to the 60's when the average career was effectively 30 years, and 45 years for the generation earlier.

    It's not laziness. It's more that young people are expected to be (and expect to be) ready for CEO jobs as soon as they start work. It just doesn't happen. That, and most of them have little imagination when it comes to doing something different. They've been trained NOT  to imagine or envision what their life could be like 10 or 15 years down the line. They are trained to manage things, and think that that represents leadership. Leadership is about having a vision and inspiring people to go for it, not telling them what they should think!

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    what your missing is a factor of 'leftism' in our leadership .. they actively seek to destroy good ethics and family and ultimately want to rule over every aspect of peoples lives ... get rid of the leftists and problem solved .. more or less ..

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