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What’s wrong with me ?

When I had sex for the second time with my boyfriend I split open. It was nothing huge just a little cut that heals within 2-3 days. since then I split open during sex but never know until afterwards when I go to the toilet to check. It doesn’t sting when I go to pee. I haven’t had sex in about 10 weeks until today because of quarantine and tbh I thought It would do me good because maybe it would give my cut a proper chance to heal without splitting open again. But no I split open again today. I find it hard for my boyfriend to turn me on nothing phases me at all and it’s not him at all he does try it’s me like don’t get me wrong everything still feels good in foreplay but omg when it comes to sex I can’t describe the feeling I have on the inside of my vagina walls when I try to have sex whether I have split open or not. It’s unbearable to the point where I can’t even have sex sometimes and it stops us from doing certain positions. The thought of sex with my boyfriend really turns me on and excites me until we actually go to do it and it hurts and ruins my mood. Everytime I go to family planning for contraption I get tested and I always come back negative so I don’t have a thrush or anything else and I’m only 18 years old and I also find my body doesn’t produce it’s own lubricant whether that’s because I’m never properly turned on but idk. I do use lube condoms and even different sorts to try and turn me on and still I never do. Have anyone even had these problems  Thankyou x

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