Purposely ignoring you?

I have a weird situation with an older woman. We liked each other a lot for two years but we had too many insecurities.for me is her having a bf and she was divorced from a guy too, so I was having my guards up because I wasn't sure if she is really interested in women or just having fun. For her she was insecure about her age and that she is divorced, she always think that people would leave her.

however, with time she started to get more intimate with me, when we are alone she would find any reason to hug me in an intimate way for a long time, my own ex gfs even did not hug me that way, but She hug me in a friendly way in front of others. I did not encourage her because she had a bf. So I kept things as friends only. She tried multiple times to ask me to spend time alone, but I did not really do it I was afraid from getting close without knowing what's really going on.

So lately I did not talk to her for a while I got busy with life.

Last month, I joined this group online and I did not know she is there. I posted something then she started to post every single day for a week and replying to every single post except mine. The things she is not really active on that group she post once a year if any. But after my post she was around for a whole week. Why is she ignoring me?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    That pic? I have seen that pic a few times in the past. I always thought it was some spammer like chikolata, Suicide Sophie, nudity troll, or some bot account. That man holding the hands of Your two children is hubby? Is he Kevin? He appeared in R/S two years ago and sounded almost like a man. A very angry guy. He even had the picture of a man in his profile showing just the lower half of his face. He said he had a child. I am totally weirded out. 

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