My Friend Annoys Me What Should I Do?

So my friend and I are on our early 20’s. we’ve been friends for 6 months & have spent a lot of time together. We share a similar music taste. She is a quiet/ reserved person. Which is fine , but sometimes it’s annoying and boring. I brought her over to my family’s for example and my grandma asked if she wanted food & she just didn’t say anything and had this awkward face. It’s irritating how I have to chime in & how she doesn’t have any manners. She is a nice girl but she has 0 social skills... She has one worded responses &

 it seems like conversations are one sided a lot. I feel that I have more life experience then her & more depth but she is nice & sometimes we do have good talks but a lot of times it’s lame. I want to tell her this without hurting her feelings? Any advice on what I should do? Btw I am very introverted myself! But I don’t like the effort I have to exert to make things interesting. She is shy & doesn’t know what to say a lot but It really annoys me.....

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