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Where to find interviews from real people for a book?


I am looking to speak to people, willing to share their story, about an array of topics. Any tips on where to start to find ordinary people and ask - What's your love story, Favourite memory, share a story of loss or illness. I have tried Yahoo, but not the results haven't been great on the few occasions I have tried.

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    Nowhere, I'm afraid. You're too weird and creepy. Real people would tend to shy away from you, I think. Best thing to do is just make stuff up. Hope this helped.

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    You need to have some kind of personal approach. Yahoo is too anonymous, people don't know who you are, what you stand for etc. and then it quickly begins to feel rude and intrusive.

    You need to build a rapport with people, gain their trust, give them a reason why they should share their stories with you.

    I'd start with having a concept, and then start selling it, in person, with a website, YouTube channel etc.

    If you do it right, you'll get your stories. Look at "Humans of New York" or the photographer that travelled around the world to take photo of beautiful women. In Denmark someone even got hundreds of women to go into a photo booth and take an anonymous photo of their private parts for the world to see - for the purpose of educating people, especially young girls, on how different this body part can look, and how it's all natural and normal.

    So, what's your story, your purpose, your theme, your selling point? Why should people share their stories with you (and wanting to write a book is not enough)?

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    What makes you think that anyone would be willing to take YOU into their confidence and tell you all their personal and very private information?  The only people who would do so are attention-seekers who would probably make up stories which are nothing even close to the truth.

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    go outside and talk to people.  call people on the phone and ask them for an interview. Go online and ask people to contact you if they want to be interviewed.

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  • 4 months ago

    You can try approaching people on the street. But be warned that if you don't have any real specific information about your book, your plans, and what you intend to do with the information shared you will likely run into a lot of trouble.

    I'm almost certain there are legalities involved here as well. People may want royalties from any sales if you are planning to publish this. There's also the issue of using people's real names. Before you approach anyone I strongly suggest doing your due diligence on this and making sure you are going about this in the right way so you can avoid being sued down the road.

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