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why are uk men so weird?

Right so yesterday I went for a walk and 1st this guy started staring at me across the road and told me to come over but i didn't so he crossed to my side and said hi so i was like hey then he asked how old i was and i said 17 then he said something like too young then went off and like 10 mins later this other guy was looking me up and down and he was like u good yh and i was like hiya then he asked if i had snap and i said yh then he was like how old are u btw and i said 17 then he just started acting bit odd so i walked off cos it was doing my head in. But 16's the age of consent so I don't get why some men act like 17 is illegal or something.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Grow up, kid..........

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