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Is there a word or term/theory for this in law?

Yes, I have the rights (in my state) to walk in the open street with a firearm I have legally purchased. But it's clearly causing problems when I stand outside the little league with it. Another carrier confronts me, cops are overwhelmed with calls. etc. I may be asked to or otherwise barred from doing so because it's creating an unsafe environment.

While we have peaceful protests that have the right to do so, wouldn't the same principle apply when bad actors are using them to create an unsafe environment?

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    NO, you DO NOT have the legal right to walk IN THE OPEN STREET, with or without a firearm.

  • 4 months ago

    Unless your state has unlicensed open or unlicensed concealed carry for a firearm then you're not allowed to carry it on your person just because you purchased it legally. Simply owning a gun doesn't enable you to walk around with it on your person while you're out and about. Further entering business or other property with the appropriate signage stating you're not allowed to enter with such a weapon could result in you being arrested and put in jail. The same would apply to anyone who is not licensed or permitted to carry, if a permit is required. Making threats with a firearm whether licensed or not is illegal also.

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    Yes, you have a right to open carry. You have a right to attend a little league game. (Why you are open carrying at a kid's sporting event, I'll leave that to you.)

    If you are asked to leave, who asks you to leave? A league official, a random parent, a police officer (who came in response to one of those overwhelming calls)?

    If you are there to cheer on the little children, I think that you'll see that removing either your firearm or yourself will be the best way to support youth sports and create a positive experience for the kids.

    If you are there with a different agenda, then I recommend that you research the particulars of that ball field, is it owned by the league or by the municipality?

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