Does it mean you are bi if you had sex with your best friend from 15-17 yrs old but stopped there?

Now I’m married and 55 yrs old but still fantasize about sucking large cocks. I don’t find men attractive and would never kiss a man. But if they have a big pretty Dk I would give him a bj. But that probably won’t happen because I’m not pursuing dk. Last time was when I was 17. So after all this time passed, am I still considered bi?

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  • 5 months ago
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    The Kinsey Institute has a scale for sexuality, running from 0 (straight), through 3 (bi), to 6 (gay).  1, 2, and 4, 5 are graduations on the way.  You are probably a 1, or 2 - mostly straight, but, at least a little bit (or more than a little) bi, without actually being completely bi.

  • 5 months ago are..My lesbian friend told me she is attracted to some guys but never had any feelings behind them...just random guessing you are like that.

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