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Front teeth problems and more . (pic) Embarrassed to go back to dentist.?

This really stinks I have dealt with dental problems my whole life and it has seemed to get much worse in my 30'3 I have had 4 extractions all in the back .

I brush now and keep my teeth clean for the past year haven't really had much more problems till recently all my front teeth are feeling tingling not like painful but a annoying tickle even when I'm not eating .

Are my teeth ruined I'm scared to go and they tell me those need to be pulled . I'm tight on money to . Notice how they are all yellow and brown in the back of the front ones :( . I wanna cry

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  • 1 month ago

    Your teeth are in need of a good, professional cleaning.  They are stained and you have a lot of plaque.  Call your dentist or call a dental college to see if you can get a cleaning from a dental hygiene student (if they are doing it now days).

    To maintain oral health and prevent having major issues, you really need to get your teeth cleaned every six months (twice a year) as well as brush and floss twice a day.  

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  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    That is just staining usually caused by tea, coffee, coca or smoking. Easily cleaned at the Dentist.

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