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Right now and for the foreseeable future, are all non- covid Dr. Appointments basically cancelled? ONLY Virus is the priority, no other care?

What to do if I need a referral to a specialist? I tried to book a phone appointment with my Doctor for some foot pain hoping to be referred to a Specialist andn and they cancelled it, wouldn't even talk to me . Are people just screwed until this blows over or what's the deal? What can be done?

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    Nope.  Virtually ALL doctor's offices are seeing patients for any number of issues. I know many people who have seen and continue to see doctors from all kinds of illness and or conditions.

    In March, may doctor's offices did cancel all procedures and visits that were not about life-threatening conditions.  Things have changed now.  CALL the office of the specialist and ask them what they are doing and when you can reschedule your appointment.

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