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Why do some white people have to stereotype others by race and culture, even lower themselves?

When I see liberals talk to asians in groups they smile a lot and bow their heads at things they say as if trying to look asian.

Around blacks they try to talk ghetto, or overly praise them acting all eager to please them.

Around hispanics they expect something to be cleaned or a chore done, then imitate a mexican accent and start saying mucho gracias with sarcasm even to American latinos.

I'm italian, and liberals always ask for my last name and where I am from. As soon I I tell them, they starts slouching, deepening  their voice and saying "how you doin" and talking like stereotypical New York Italians on tv.

Then around each other liberals act very gay and stand tall, perfectly still with huge wide eyes like creeps.

Why do they act like that? It's so insulting to see. 

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    4 weeks ago

    Um, Italians are also "white people". Random people of all "groups" make assumptions about others and respond accordingly. It happens - please try to not take things like that personally. "They" may think you're making the same assumptions about them.

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