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Cooking problem?

So tonight, I decided to be healthy, and do some steamed vegetables. I did carrots, broccoli, and curly kale. I think I overcooked. The carrots felt a little under-cooked, but edible. The broccoli was like mush though. The kale seemed ok, but the water at the bottom was bright green. How can I steam all my veg, so it's cooked evenly together.


Do Carrots take a little longer? Or is it to do with the way it's chopped?

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    Steaming is like cooking in a wok. Vegetables all cook at a different rate. The more dense takes longer.  

    Try using a steamer basket, and add carrots for the first two minutes, then the broccoli/cauliflower for two more, finally finishing up with onion, followed by leafy greens. You can do them separately, but you also need to keep them all warm. And try to keep a uniform size to each-so one piece of broccoli is not done when other pieces are still raw.  

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    You can't. Different vegetables have different densities and require different cooking times.  If you cut your carrots up in to smaller pieces they will cook faster, but maybe not enough.  Any time you steam vegetables some of the color and nutrients will come out of the plant and end up in the steaming water.  That's normal.

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