Sometimes my friend messages me, sometimes she doesn't. Should I address this with her?

Sometimes my friend messages me back, other times she doesn't feel like it. I know you guys will say, do the same to her. Well, I just don't like playing games like that. Can I just confront her about it nicely? Ask her, why do you do that?

1 Answer

  • Jerry
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Confront her? With what? She's not a TV that you can turn on whenever you're in the mood for TV. She has other things to do besides be available to you. And what is so freekin' urgent it can't wait? Your anxiety and impatience is your problem, not hers. 

    The whole idea of messaging is that the recipient reads it, responds to it, at his/her convenience. I suspect that if try to give her a hard time about not being available on demand, she's going to tell you off good. 

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