What options would you want to customize on a tiny home?

We are building tiny homes that are completely customizable, and we are building a form for potential customers to fill out that would include the different options they would want to customize, such as size, color, on wheels/stationary, etc, and Im wondering if someone could help me figure out what would be the top 6 options that we should include that would be most important to the general customer

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  • 4 months ago

    Loft bed with a skylight balcony, below loft the kitchen and bathroom, storage steps to the loft, collapsible dinner table with foldable chairs, the other end a bed with storage drawers and more storage on the wall, a sun tunnel skylight to keep place bright.

    Kitchen - RV size fridge and cook top with oven, a small sink facing a window with a window box with herbs. Some cabinet space and hooks at the side to hang pots and pans.

    Space saver in bathroom, small bathtub with shower and toilet with sink on top.

    White washed walls, high ceiling with light blue paint.

    Roof - solar power panels, water tank, some outdoor furniture to relax.

    Good option to have tiny home on wheels with a fold down porch.

    Lots of electrical power points and wall sconces. 

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  • 4 months ago

    *Storage. Above head storage. Vertical storage. Built in storage benches. Kitchen cabinets designed with pull out features. Hidden trash bin.

    *Built in features that are convertible. For instance  an ottoman on wheels can be a foot rest, used as an end table (with a tray), and for blanket storage and extra seating.

    *Pet friendly. Pet door. For cat owners, a cat walk around the uppermost interior perimeter of the house that has an exit and exterior ramp to the ground outside.

    *Loft privacy. An acordien closure system with soundproofing or at least black out curtains in the bedding area if there are no soundproofed walls. High ceilings to prevent clostrophobia in the loft. A balcony off the bed loft.

    *Light. Sky lights galore, with remote or pole shade closures.

    *Prewired for electronics. Charging station. Surround sound system.

    *An outdoor awning. 

    *Outdoor living area. Expand the living space to outdoors. A deck or wrap around porch. Perhaps a patio and even large built in planters for flowers, herbs and vegetables. Flower boxes under the windows.. An outdoor water source, of course. An outdoor storage shed. Outdoor electrical outlets. An outdoor pizza oven or fireplace.


    *Metal roof, gutters into a rain collection system for outdoor ware usage.

    *Driveway options. Paved. Gravel. Paving stones.

    *A Micro or small pool.

    *A deck on the roof, perhaps?

    Gee, I think I just convinced myself that I may want a tiny house in my old age!

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