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Hamster advice?

I’ve had my hamster for a little over a year and I have had hamsters in previous years, but I am very confused about this. My previous hamsters and the current one have always been in very good health, but recently Joey (my current hamster) has been loosing fur. I checked for mites and didn’t find any signs of them but I still cleaned his cage and everything, but he kept scratching and loosing fur so when I looked it up I found that he might be having trouble producing the oils his skin needs. So I put a little bit of olive oil on him and he seemed to be doing a lot better for a couple days. Today when I checked on him he seemed a itchy again and his bald spot looked very dry so I put a little coconut oil on him and he seems better again. 

Basically I’m wondering if I should just keep doing what I’m doing or if anyone has any other ideas? 

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