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Am I wrong to do this? Boss has not said anything?

On a typical work day I work from 8:30 - 4:00. Due to covid-19 I've been working from home. I like to start my work day much earlier then I normally would around 6:00 AM. so that I can get at least 3 hours work done without interruption before the kids wake up. I will work until about 9:00 AM when my kids wake up. Then I will take about a 1-2 hour break to get my daughters situated, make them breakfast, and take my shower. My kids are 10 and 12 so they are a bit more "independent" then a toddler so it's a little easier for me. I have not mentioned to my boss that I am doing this nor has he spoken to me about it. I know that our company does track our time on our computers/when we are away etc. Should I say something to him? Should I have asked permission first prior to doing this? I may be overreacting here. I've been doing it since March and nothing has been said to me and there hasn't been any issues. Thoughts? Should I say something? Thanks 

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    Because your computer time is logged and can be tracked, your hours are recorded. As long as you work the amount of hours you're supposed to in a day and you get your work done , I don't see where working early and taking breaks would make a difference at the end of the day.

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    If you have been doing it like this since March,  then I suggest you just keep on doing it.   As I cant see any directions he may have issued,  I suggest he has provided some amount of work and he expects you will do it.  You are doing it so all is fine.   

    Just one last suggestion. "SHUT UP." Do not be tempted to raise this with others as loose lips sinks ships.   If you speak to others about this they may share with the business and the business may read into it,  you are doing it to make a joke of them.   Just do as your doing and say nothing.

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    I think your boss's concern is the work gets done, rather than what time of the day.

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    Sounds like you are juggling work and family care to the best of your abilities, In this changed environment, I would hope your boss understands and is willing to be flexible as well . I'm am betting he is.

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    I would have discussed my hours BEFORE I started this new schedule.

    I am interested that children who are 10 and 12 are a BIT MORE INDEPENDENT than toddlers.

    Some sort of health problem?

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    One suspects that if your boss had a problem with this they'd have mentioned it by now. Many jobs can be time shifted and telecommuted to where the people doing them can enjoy a better quality of life. Sounds like yours is one of them. You're amongst the fortunate. 

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    So long as you are putting in your proper time, I doubt they care when it is.

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    Working from home and having to care for kids creates a different environment and one would expect some schedule adjustment. I don't know if you job requires you to be available to communicate with your company or customers on a continuous basis but, if not, to would simply continue and not say anything. You probably should, however, keep an accurate written record of the hours in the day you work, every day, to show you are putting in the appropriate number of working hours. One way or the other the topic of your schedule working at home will almost certainly come up with your boss. The written schedule will hopefully alleviate concerns that you are putting in your work hours.

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    It's a good idea, as long as your work is done in the working day, it dosnt make any difference. My son in 

    IT is working from home and he starts at 6am when the house is quiet.


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    If you get a days worth of work don you have delivered.

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