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Max age for junior clothing?

At what age did you stop wearing junior/kid clothing?

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  • kswck2
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    1 month ago

    Has more to do with body type than age. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Junior sizes are about how a garment is cut and the body shape it fits. Junior sizes are in odd numbers (3, 5,7, etc) fit a body shape that has few curves, a smaller bust and a smaller waist hip ratio. Usually there's about 7 inches difference between waist and hip in junior sizes and bust is sized for a B cup. Women's sizes are expressed in even numbers (4,6,8, etc) for a more developed figure with a larger bust and a higher waist to hip ratio and more womanly curves. The bust is sized for a C cup and there's about 10 inches difference between waist and hip. 

    If Junior sizes fit and the styles are appropriate for whatever you do in your life then buy and wear in good health. Junior size have a wide range of styles from sporty and active to career worth seperates. It's not all jeans and tees anymore. When many women reach their mid 20's they find junior fit jeans too tight in the hips but gap in the back at the waist. Moving into women's sizes - often designated as shape hugging or curve hugging fit - eliminates the back gap. If junior size shirts gap along the buttonholes yet seem baggy elsewhere it's time to switch to women's sizes.

    Go by fit, not age. My mother is 75 and recently switched back to odd number sizes because even number sizes pinched at the waist and sagged at the hip. My niece went straight from girls to even number women sizes because her shape went from stick to hourglass seemingly overnight.

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