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i asked a question here 3 days ago and i got a lot of good answers.i can't understand what does she wants now! Why did she message me?

i was in a long distance relationship for 5 months. i love her a lot. she says she will never forget me but it can't work so she broke up. she said we can't even chat so why she sent this? does she miss me or something?


she said i cannot message her when i miss her but i can when i am sad or need help 

We decided to end it on Saturday. i didn't message or call her on Sunday , monday but today she just sent me a story on instagram! why this? when she said i can't text her

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    She probably means that she only wants you to message her if you are sad about something that is not related to her because she doesn't want to feel guilty. I think she's also changed her mind and decided that she wants to be friends. 

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