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Are Highschool Diplomas Any Less Credible If You Graduate Later Than You Were Supposed To?

I'm a 19 year old homeschooled continuation/credit recovery student who's just about to graduate. I have a fear that for whatever reason, my highschool diploma may be less credible to colleges or jobs because I graduated later than I was supposed to. Is it a reality that this actually matters or am I worrying for no reason?

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    Worrying for no reason. Due to differences in cut-off dates to start school, even those who get straight through K-12 normally could be 17, 18, or 19 on graduation day. More important is to earn a genuine high school diploma, not a GED, which is considered less demanding, therefore less valuable than HS diploma.

  • 4 months ago

    Nobody knows when you were "supposed to" graduate. Your resume should show your year of graduation, not the dates attended. 

  • DON W
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    4 months ago

    It really shouldn't matter, particularly since age 19 is only about a year behind the usual graduation age of 18.  There are a variety of reasons why people graduate a bit late: health problems, travel abroad, etc.  I really wouldn't worry about it.

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