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How to get rid of writer's block?

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    I don't believe in writer's block. It's not a popular stance, but I can live with that.

    If someone were to hold your loved one hostage unless you wrote fiction, you'd freakin' write fiction, wouldn't you? Then you're not blocked. You simply lack motivation.

    Lots of people announce they're blocked because it seems far more honorable than not knowing what comes next, or how to write something challenging, or haven't done the massive research their idea requires, for instance.

    Others say they're blocked as an excuse not to crank out decent writing, since they've set themselves some unrealistic expectations for quality and/or quantity.

    What you label your failure to write isn't the issue here, of course. What will it take to get you writing again? Here's some to consider:

    Give yourself permission to write utter crap. Nobody has to see it.

    BIC: your butt in a chair for a set amount of time every day no matter what. During BIC time, you can write or just sit there. No other options. Most days, you'll write.

    Write in a different place. Go to a park with a notebook. Try the basement or attic. How about the dining room?

    Write at a different time. Don't wait for a convenient time or a lull. Get up early when the house is quiet and write first thing. If you work, write during lunch hour. I know people who do entire novels this way.

    Change your means of writing. If you're strictly PC or laptop, try a nice notebook and a good pen. Try your phone. Try a looseleaf binder and colored lined paper.

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    Take a break,  Have a walk,  Sit and have a coffee & do some people watching or nature watching.

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  • Andrew
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