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Does this mean he does not love me enough?

My BF is not sure about marriage yet because it is a lifelong commitment, but he said he is not dating others. He said all the stuff we have been doing together definitely means a lot. For example, dining together, sports, etc. Confused as to why he is not ready yet? We are not living together but is that a reason? It has been less than a year. Also, why doesn't he date others if he is still unsure?


Could he be afraid of possible changes? He said he and his ex made a lot of promises which of course didn't happen.

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    Many would have opinions in reply to your questions, but they would be speculation. If you want to know the real reason(s) for your BF's uncertainty, he's the one to ask.

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    I'd be unsure too after such a short time.  You cannot possibly know what a person is like after a few months of dating.  Date and do whatever it is you two do together for a couple of years before you decide to move in together or decide to marry.  This chap is sensible.  You aren't.  You are thinking big white dress, big wedding, home, kids and family with him FAR too early in the relationship.  You'll scare him off with your needy attitude.  He's right.  It IS a lifelong commitment.  Marriage too soon with children produced before you know if you are right for each other causes untold heart=break for you, him and most of all for the poor, damaged children who love you both but can't have you both together anymore.  That's not a family.  That's a broken family.  Do your homework first.  Have a nice long 'courtship' BEFORE you dive into lifelong partnership.  Enjoy what you have got now.  You sound pretty young so you have LOADS of future time to get into the 'settling down' phase of life.

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    Stop fretting. Less then a year is nothing. Stop pushing him or you will push him out of your life. A real friend is one that will accept how it go's and explore where life takes you. When he is ready, you will find out. You should stop putting him on the spot. This maybe the cause of him not wanting to comment yet. Seems a little bit to controlling. Just my opinion with what I've read. 

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