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Are there deserts in Brazil?

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    Yes. The Amazon Rainforest is a self-sustaining ecosystem, meaning it creates its own rain. In areas that have been deforested, the soil has quickly washed away to a layer of infertile clay that won't hold moisture. This has led to desertification, vast deforested tracts of the once lush rainforest in Brazil turning into deserts. 

    The first known instance of this happened in the Atlantic Rainforest of Tijuca surrounding Rio de Janeiro. Deforesting for sugar plantations was quickly turning once lush Rio de Janeiro into a desert. Unfortunately, that which is quickly lost is not so quickly restored. Nevertheless, Emperor Pedro II seeing this started a project in 1861 to replant the rainforest by gridding out squares of non-desertificated rainforest and meticulously copying them down to every square inch of plant in a very labor intensive replanting project that would take 100 years to complete. The reason Rio de Janeiro has a rainforest climate today is because of the implemented return of its environs from desert to rainforest. 

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