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How US police stations and jails deal with 100 arrests at once?

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    I was arrested in a protest march back in 1970.  It was in Union Square in San Francisco.  The cops swept the square on horseback (in those days. They had just retired all their dinosaurs).

    They herded us into big prison busses, I think they had two or three. They took us to the 'Hall of Justice' and we waited while they briefly interviewed us one by one, took our fingerprints and mug shots.  Then we were released on OR (our Own Recognizance). 

    They told me to expect a summons in the mail in the next three weeks to a month, and that I would be arraigned and get my day in court.  I never heard what the charges were.  But a week later all the charges were dropped.

    They really wanted just to clear the park.  I think they'd have a hell of a time trying to make charges stick against a group of college students who were just protesting.  That's your right,  you know.

    And, as you probably know, America's city and county jails are already as overcrowded as our prisons.

  • 4 months ago

    Well?............Since democrats in NY don't do bail anymore they just release the looters the same day, so they can go back out looting some more.

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