Did I get my girlfriend pregnant?

Ok so it was my first time and we were just messing around. I didn't orgasm inside her. I actually didn't have an orgasm at all but I did put my penis inside her. It was for less than 30 seconds. It happened while she was ovulating and nothing seemed wrong. She is now however late on her period now which never happens. She is still within the 21-35 range of a healthy cycle and she has been extremely stressed lately which could cause a late period. But I am really concerned as I don't know the actual probability that she is pregnant. With this information would anyone be able to tell me a rough estimate of how likely she is to be pregnant vs it being something else?

1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    Stop.Guessing odds is a fools game. Either she is pregnant or she isn't. The only way to know is to test until either her period does arrive or she gets a positive test. 

    If your girlfriend's cycles are VERY consistent and she is a week late for her period, she should use a home pregnancy test.  If her cycles are irregular and or she is not yet a full week late, then she should wait until she is a week late and test.

    Any intercourse can result in sperm coming out and traveling up and encountering an egg.  NEVER have unprotected sex if you don't want to father a child.  That noted, it is very unlikely that you did release sperm or that any sperm actually encountered a viable egg. Ovulation is a window, not an exact day.

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