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My puppy sleeps outside at night. Is this okay?

I have a terrier mix puppy, she was adopted when she was 5 months old. She is 7 months old now. In the beginning, she slept inside of a crate inside my house. I sleep for about 8 hours each night. I made the mistake of not waking up on time to let her out, and she peed in her crate a couple times. Obviously, dogs don't like to sleep where they pee, and nobody likes to clean up dog pee either.

On the nights when I did wake up at 3 hour intervals to let her out to pee, I felt absolutely horrible and tired the next day. I decided that the only way for me to not feel groggy all day and to prevent messes would be to let her stay outside for 8 hours at night time. I invested in a nice, warm kennel and another doggy bed for outside (she has a doggy bed inside as well). She has food and water out there. I also check the temperature before I go to sleep to make sure it won't be too cold. Since it's summer time, the temperature doesn't drop too low.

I spend the majority of my day with her. I take her on 2 walks a day. I run around outside with her. She comes inside the house as often as she wants and goes outside when she needs to use the restroom. I give her lots of love and attention and she seems to be very happy and healthy. I have read online that leaving dogs outside at night is not a good idea because they will feel lonely and will have behavioral problems because of it. My dog's only "behavioral problem" is that whoever greets her in the morning gets an excited pounce.


After she greets whoever went outside to see her first, she calms down for the rest of the day (unless someone is playing tug of war with her or jogging with her down the neighborhood)

Update 2:

8 hours is a real long time for an animal to be alone now that I think of it. I will invest in a doggy door and let her sleep inside right next to the door. I'll also have to be sure to puppy proof the entire house, just incase she wanders around at night and I'm not there watching her making sure she doesn't chew on electrical cords.

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  • Jojo
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    5 months ago

    If your pup appears happy and content to be left outside at night and has adequate warm sleeping quarters and clean water and your yard is safe from from intruders (animal and human), and you show the pup lots of attention during the day, then I really don`t see any problem.

    My dog has a doggy flap which allows him to be inside in his utility room at night or out in a safe small yard at night.

    He often chooses to sleep outside when the weather is hot and clammy.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years. UK
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    I think you are totally wrong re banishing her to the outdoors at night (and although I might leave water down, I'd not leave food!! - rats) but then I can't see the point having a dog and not having it WITH ME. 

    We bought one of our two (both crated in with me at night) at 4 months and for the first week or so I got up around 3 am and let him out, going with him to see what, if anything, he did.  Once I knew he could hold from around 10.30 pm when going into the crate, until around 7 am, I stopped taking him out during the night.  I'd certainly not expect to have to get up every 3 hours through the night with a dog of 5 months.   She should be able to hold by that age - UNLESS there's a medical problem going on (like a UTI as suggested).

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    Female puppies can develop URINARY tract infections & if your puppy had one - she might have been forced (due to the PAIN) to urinate in the crate.  I keep the crate by my BED when I am housebreaking or crate training (so I will hear pup whine, if it needs to go) & it normally takes only 2 weeks to house train a HEALTHY puppy.  A healthy 7 mo old OUGHT to e able to last 6-8 hours overnight.

    I use WASHABLE crate mats & a wire crate with a removable CRATE pan.  Both are easy to remove & clean.  Due to this I would not personally have thrown a puppy outside.  Puppies or dogs left in yards ESPECIALLY at night, are prone to be stolen or abused.  4th of July (fireworks) might be awful for your puppy.  Leaving puppy LOOSE in house is NOT advised.  Bored or under-exercised puppies will find things to get INTO and will be active, rather than sleep, if not CONFINED.

  • Amber
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    5 months ago

    This is really down to personal opinion and you're dog sounds like it has a good life with you and on a care level I see no issues, but then I don't know where you live. Could her sleeping outside become an issue in later months? (like winter).

    I just know I couldn't sleep a wink if I knew my dog was outside. Eight hours is a long time when something could happen and I'd be none the wiser. My Gran's dogs slept outside and one got very sick in the night and she didn't know. She rushed the dog to the vet in the morning and the vet was actually quite rude and told her the dog could have been saved if it hadn't been left for 7 hours to scream in pain. My gran never got over it. Her dog slept in the garden kennel and she couldn't hear her. Even if that dog had been down stairs she's have heard her. I especially wouldn't want to leave a puppy that long out of ear shot. I had to stop my puppy choking in the night once on some bedding she'd ripped up and swallowed. I'm not one for over-pampering and fussing over my dogs to the extreme but I do like to keep them in ear shot. Even went to work I had neighbours keep an ear out and a sitter most of the day. A dog can come to harm at any time, but prevention is better than cure. I just wouldn't be able to sleep with a puppy outside where I can't hear what she's doing. As for feeling tired having to get up, no sympathy for you there. You knew, I hope, what you were getting in for when you bought a puppy, you have to commit to that and as the puppy begins to hold itself for longer it wouldn't be a problem anymore. My seventeen yr old had DM and I have to get up to turn her every 3 hours. No solution other than that. But I made a commitment to her fifteen years ago. I'll have to do that for the rest of her life. Yes I feel tired and yes it's horrible, but that's my responsibility. 

    There's my honest opinion.

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